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Regardless of how you decide to save or invest your money, we can match your savings goals with our insured savings accounts and certificate of deposit accounts. Compare our FDIC-insured savings or CD options, or take a look at non-FDIC insured investments and insurance products, available through our service partner, Cetera Investment Services.

Planning for retirement today gives you peace of mind tomorrow. Our Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) and other carefully planned options help you navigate toward the lifestyle you want when you retire. Consult your tax advisor for complete tax details

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Find the savings plan that's right for you... take a look at the chart below.

Account Type Monthly Service Fees Additional Account Information
Basic Savings Account *
A basic savings account for moderate savers.

No fee for individuals under age 18
None, when you keep an average balance for the month above $200. If the average balance falls below $200, the monthly fee is $2.00.
  • Variable rate of interest subject to change
  • Up to four free withdrawals per month
  • $1 per withdrawals after four limited to six per month
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Premium Savings Account
A liquid savings account with tiered rates to meet all your savings needs.
None, when you keep a minimum daily balance of $2,500. If the balance falls below $2,500, the monthly fee is $15.00 and no interest is earned.
  • Variable rate of interest subject to change, no interest earned on balances of less than $2500.
  • Tiered rates of interest at $2,500, $10,000, $25,000, $50,000 & $100,000
  • Up to six free withdrawals per month
  • $1 per withdrawals after six limited to six per month
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Certificates of Deposit and IRAs
When you know how long you want to save your money. Term options as short as 6 months up to 60 months. Ask your banker for current specials.

IRA plans...choose from special CDs or savings accounts and save for your retirement.

Additional IRA plans are available. Ask your banker for details.
Minimum investment varies by term
  • Early withdrawal penalties will be imposed for early withdrawal of your certificate of deposit.
  • Additional penalties may apply for early withdrawal from IRAs.
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* Fees may reduce earnings on these accounts