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Kids Cash Club

Kids Cash Club for ages 12 and under!

Open a KCC savings account and receive a free Lake Region Bank Piggy Bank to start saving your money for something you might want in the future--like a new bike, a computer, or even a college education.

A savings account is a safe place you can put your money, and the bank will pay you "interest"--that's money the bank will add to your account because you kept your money in a savings account with us.

Kids Cash Club members receive a punch on their Kids Cash Club Punch Card for each $10.00 deposit made into a savings account with a maximum of 10 punches per month. When your Punch Card is filled, it can be redeemed for $5.00 Kids Cash. Spend your Kids Cash at any participating business for the prize of your choice.

Ask your parent to stop in any Lake Region Bank location and get started saving today.

Teen Savers

Teen Savers for ages 13 to 18!

You can start a Teen Savers savings account with as little as $25.00.  This is the perfect account to save your money from babysitting, lawn mowing, or your first job.  Keep your money safe with us and watch it grow.  With regular deposits, soon you will have a large enough balance to purchase your first phone, car, or pay your college tuition.  You can deposit as often as you like; withdraw when you need cash, up to 4 times per month; and there is no minimum balance requirement or penalties.

Come in and start your account today!