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Kids Cash Club

Kids Cash Club for ages 14 and under!

Open a KCC account and receive a Lake Region Bank Piggy Bank, a free game voucher, and a 1-year membership to the Stingers Kids Club. Click on Barry and find out what you receive for being a member of the Stingers Kids Club and see Barry!!!

Lake Region Bank can help you save money for something you might want in the future--like a new bike, a computer, or even a college education.

A savings account is a safe place you can put your money, and the bank will pay you "interest"--that's money the bank will add to your account because you kept your money in a savings account with us.

Kid's Cash Club members receive a punch on their punch cards for each $10.00 deposit made into a savings account. Punches can be used to purchase special prizes in our Kid's Cash Club stores at each Lake Region Bank location.

Ask your parent to stop in any Lake Region Bank location and get started saving today!