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Convenience Services

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Debit Cards

Use your Lake Region Bank debit card for purchases at restaurants, shops, hotels, and more. It's not credit, it's cash, and your purchase is automatically deducted from your checking account. Plus, you can withdraw cash from your account anytime at any ATM anywhere in the world.

Automatic Payments

Make it easy on yourself. Instead of writing a check, you can set up a system to automatically pay your bills when they're due. Many people use automatic payments for insurance payments, car payments, and utilities. It's easy!

Automatic Transfers

Get into the savings habit! Set up an automatic transfer from one Lake Region Bank account to another so you have a nest egg when you need it for something special.

Ready Reserve Overdraft Protection

Get some peace of mind and avoid expensive overdraft fees by adding a Ready Reserve line of credit to your checking account. If your account balance ever falls below zero, funds are automatically taken from your Ready Reserve line of credit to cover the overdraft.

On-Line Banking

Lake Region Bank customers enjoy banking convenience 24 hours a day with On-Line Banking. Besides checking your account balances and viewing statements online, you can pay all your bills simply and easily. Check out Lake Region Bank's On-Line Banking features.

Credit Cards

Enjoy a full line of personal and business credit cards giving you the convenience and purchasing power required to buy what you need, when you need it. Through Elan®, our credit card service provider, we have credit cards for just about everyone!

Safe Deposit Boxes

Keep your valuables safe. We have boxes available in all sizes at all our locations. You will be able to save on the annual rent by having your payment taken directly out of your Lake Region Bank checking or savings account.

FDIC insurance does not apply to safe deposit box contents.