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Username & Password Maintenance

If you are like most consumers, you try to simplify your life by using the same user name & password combination for many of your online sites...

If that one set (user name & password) is compromised or discovered, however, fraudsters can use that information to try various sites - including online banking sites & gain access to your accounts.  In light of the current "Heartbleed" vulnerability, we have a few recommendations for you regarding online access to any site:

  • Do not use the same user name & password for multiple sites
  • Change your password often on ALL your access points
  • Don't save your user name & password information on your computer
  • Based on current events, if you have used the same password for multiple sites, take the time to access each site that would have confidential or financial information in it & change that password as soon as possible - preferably to something unique to each site

As always, if you have any questions or concerns do not hesitate to call us!