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Tax Information


Tax season is upon us. As you file your 2019 tax returns, be sure to check that your refund is going to be direct deposited into your correct account. A few important items to check:

  1. Is your account number correct?  Your Lake Region Bank account number should consist of 6-7 digits.
  2. Is your routing number correct?  The routing number should be 9 digits long.
  3. Do you have the correct account type listed?  It is important that you have correctly noted if your account is a checking or savings account.
  4. Have you used your account number and not your debit card number?  Your debit card number is separate from your account number and cannot be used for direct deposit. You must use the number for the account that your debit card is linked to.
  5. Have you changed accounts within the last year? If you had to close your account and open a new one within the last year, make sure you are using your new account information.

An error with any of these items can result in your tax refund being delayed, returned or misrouted. Even if your refund was direct deposited last year, it is still important to double check that everything is accurate. If you have any questions, or would like to verify your information, please call us at 320.262.5227.